Students should figure out which test plays to their strengths and/or minimizes their weaknesses.

Test Length

The digital SAT is a shorter test, at 2 hours 14 minutes compared to the 2 hours 55 minutes paper ACT

Percent Math

The SAT is basically half math whereas the ACT is only one quarter math plus a science section

Available Practice

There are only four digital SAT practice tests compared to the dozens of practice ACTs

Time Pressure

It is far easier to complete any of the SAT sections in time compared to any of the four ACT sections

The Best Calculators

On the SAT, students have the option of using the built in program DESMOS or a physical calculator. On the ACT, only a physical calculator is allowed. Students should take advantage of the newest technology: The TI nSpire CX II non-CAS


This is a powerful and free tool built into the digital SAT. However, using this tool takes "screen real estate" so students should consider if they prefer a physical calculator over it.


If during a math problem, you obtain one equation and one unknown and you're expecting one answer, hit MENU 3 1 to use nSolve to answer it for you, saving valuable brain power.

Upgrade Your TI84

The TI84 is not significantly different from the TI83+ silver edition I bought in 1999 and is cheaper when adjusted for inflation. Let's get with the times, here.

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