Whether your student's goal is to get through Chemistry or build their resume with their standardized test scores, they'd perform best with some help. I begin Chemistry tutorials with probing questions to determine the size and scope of the particular class your student is in. Afterwards, I put my ten years' experience to work, illustrating to them how to do the work and why we are doing it this way with historical perspectives. Please consider me as a serious candidate to aid your student for this course.

Chemistry is usually the first math based science students experience and can be one of the most challenging courses in high school. Not only is the material is challenging, the teachers are burdened with teaching both difficult science and fundamental math for students who aren’t already comfortable with it. Even if your student is mathematically proficient, the teacher will still be slowed by the median students’ math skills when teaching this course. This makes it super easy for your student’s normal efforts to be rendered less effective.

Client Reviews

Daniel has worked with my daughter on Math and Chemistry for about four months. He is focused and organized and the lessons are well planned and adapted to the needs of the student. The results have been outstanding, allowing my daughter to raise her grades by about 15 points and, more importantly, helping her develop a confidence in her skills that she didn't have before. Mainly because of that, she decided to sign up for AP Chem and stay with Math Honors next year. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.


Hastings On Hudson, NY