Geometry Tutoring A Different Kind Of Math Class

So far, math class has been about solving problems. As long as you could come up with the answer, that was good enough. However, geometry requires that you be able to form conclusions based on some given information and show how you did it, citing the names of rules you used to complete it. Only then is it considered a proof. This can be genuinely confusing for the majority of students. Some become extremely frustrated by it, especially if they had proficient math skills up to this point. Geometry is also a class that ranges wildly in difficulty level and content. Unless the class is a regents geometry class, it is not fair to make certain assumptions about its table of contents. We will need to investigate what type of course you are in to make any conclusions.

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- Daniel Kahneman


A dizzying number of new vocabulary words

There is a lot of memorization required for this course. It can be challenging to those who are solely mathematically inclined.


Minimal calculator usage

Calculators are usually permitted during the entire year, but have limited use in this curriculum. The calculator will not be as much of a help as it was in Algebra One.


Wild variation between classes

It is a totally possible outcome to find yourself in an extremely difficult geometry class. It is particularly difficult to source good help for your class specifically.

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