Alena from Mt. Kisco

Daniel worked with our oldest to develop their ACT during the spring of their junior year. They ended up scoring 3.25 points above expectation (based on their practice) on their June test, and was admitted into their first choice school.

Colleen from White Plains

Daniel worked with my daughter on her ACT, and my son on his TACHS exam. Daniel gave them helpful and specific strategies, but moreover, he displayed a unique ability to motivate them to complete practice reguarly.

Former Student Matt

Though I did earn 5s on all 7 APs I took including BC Calculus, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics C, a 1480 on the SAT and 800s on the Chemistry and Math Subject Tests, the greatest benefit I received from working with Daniel was the ability to think through problems with confidence and precision.

Former Student Stefen

Daniel is not just a tutor but a true mentor. His organizational skills, thoughtfulness, intelligence, and punctuality made learning fun and effortless. Beyond academics, his character and persona guided me as a young adult to pursue all of my interests with manners, punctuality, and open mindedness. I am truly grateful for each hour I spent working with Daniel and would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend him to those looking for an enriching and life changing experience.


Daniel not only helped my daughter improve her math ability, he taught her to prioritize, make a work plan, and get organized.  

Daniel also has magnificent follow up communication with parents and students, which is very helpful when things get busy.

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