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There is perhaps no more famous high school class than chemistry. Protagonists are pictured in chemistry class in many movies, and for good reason. Passing this class is seen as a watershed moment in any high school career. Because nearly every high school student takes chemistry, the curriculum of any one class is subject to wide variation (except AP Chemistry, see below). It is therefore more important than normal to stick to the teacher’s outline. Success in chemistry depends on how well you can know what topics will be covered so that you can spread your time between them without getting bogged down by the stuff you won’t be tested on. Some students have great difficulty keeping up with the math required to do chemistry. Setting up the correct proportions and working with equations is a real hurdle. Fortunately, every chemistry class allows the use of calculators, which will help to trivialize the math involved with a little instruction.

When you analyze happiness, it turns out that the way you are spending your time is extremely important.

- Daniel Kahneman


An abnormally large variation in classes

Baseline success in chemistry necessitates knowing precisely what you will be studying in your specific course.


Excellent calculator skills pay off

Whether you're already a pro at using your TI, or have yet to start, using technology will aid greatly in the completion of any chemistry class.


ACT Science section benefits

The ACT science section often discusses topics in biology, chemistry, and physics. Gaining familiarity especially with laboratory set ups in chemistry can help demystify what appears at first to be a scary section.

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