Physics Tutoring A Changing Of The Guard

The first year physics course has changed dramatically during the past twenty years. Not long after the turn of the millennium, large group projects like building catapults and toothpick bridges were very popular. Today, a piece of software called tracker and video footage of experiments is far more ubiquitous. Because some classes are early adopters of this new software, and some more experienced teachers stand stalwart against change, first year physics classes can vary widely in topic and difficulty. Most classes discuss mechanics as well as waves and electromagnetism, though many stick to mechanics only. Some classes have involved lab work, and others have no labs at all. All of these courses will permit the use of a calculator, though, which can be helpful because more math will be used in physics than in previous science courses. Physics was my first favorite course; I received my degree in Physics and Applied Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2010.

When you analyze happiness, it turns out that the way you are spending your time is extremely important.

- Daniel Kahneman


Old school or new school

First year physics classes will usually either focus on large group projects or video analysis of lab work.


Common use of calculators

It is more or less assumed that each student is proficient with the use of their calculator by this time. Those who are not may consider focusing on it sooner rather than later.


ACT Science section benefits

The ACT science section often discusses topics in biology, chemistry, and physics. Gaining familiarity with the topics and vocabulary words of physics class can help the student gain perspective in their science section.

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