Physics Tutoring A Fact Finding Mission

First year Physics courses vary widely in scope and in difficulty. Some classes still complete projects, though most have done away with them. Most classes still complete labs, but others only use “lab worksheets.” Some classes are severely truncated, focusing only on one dimensional motion. Other classes are extremely difficult and rival the AP Physics 1 curriculum. Your student must determine the scope of what will be tested in order to spend time on what matters to their teacher.

Daniel Starling

When you analyze happiness, it turns out that the way you are spending your time is extremely important.

- Daniel Kahneman

Old school or new school

Does your student's class require them to complete labs and complicated lab reports, or have they done away with the classics?


Common use of calculators

It is more or less assumed that each student is proficient with the use of their calculator by this time. Those who are not may consider focusing on it sooner rather than later.


ACT Science section benefits

The ACT science section often discusses topics in biology, chemistry, and physics. Gaining familiarity with the topics and vocabulary words of physics class can help the student gain perspective in their science section.

Where to?


Three roles to play for your student


Expectations and the student character sheet


The most important test in high school

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