physics tutor

Physics is the most mathematically oriented science your student will see in high school. It requires both the memorization of complex procedures and a strong command of Algebra, Trigonometry and, in some cases, Calculus. It is critical if your student plans to study STEM, even if they want to study a science like Biology. If your student performs well during an AP Physics Course (AP Physics 1, AP Physics B, or AP Physics C) they may be able to opt out of Physics classes in college. AP exams can save credits and allow them to either graduate early or take classes more directly related to their major.

Physics is one of my favorite subjects to teach. I have spent two years in high school, then four years in college tutoring this subject and perfecting step-by-step procedures to attack problems dealing with kinematics, Newtonian mechanics, energy, angular and linear momentum, circular and rotational motion. Please consider me as a very serious candidate to aid your student for this course.

Client Reviews

Daniel has worked with my daughter for 5 sessions, and the improvement in her Honors Physics class is remarkable. She was struggling first semester, and ended with a Bgrade, only to be followed up by a 65 average, midway through her second semester. With Daniel's help, she has improved to a 90 average (!) after 2 months, and she is on target for an "A" by the end of this semester. Kudos to Daniel and my daughter for working well together. His approachable manner towards tutoring, and effective explanations has certainly helped turn this course around. In fact, my daughter is now planning to enroll in AP Physics senior year.”


Woodcliff Lake, NJ