BC Calculus Tutoring The Hardest Course In High School

For what my opinion is worth, BC Calculus is the most difficult course you can take as a high school student. AB Calculus is only the core of this class, and many teachers justify increasing the average difficulty per question of AB topics in a BC class. Then, the BC curriculum includes more difficult topics such as additional differentiation and integration techniques as well as adding an entire unit on infinite series. 

Daniel Starling

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A dense class for heavy hitters

BC Calculus students experience a heavy workload with confusing topics for the entire year, punctuated at the end by the most difficult topic they've seen so far: infinite series.


Frequent AP reviews are critical

There are so many different topics in this class, and review time is scarce at the end of April before the exam in May. As a result, reviewing as the year progresses is more important than other AP classes.


Earn two semesters of college credit

Many schools will give credit for one or two calculus courses for scoring a 5 on this exam. It is therefore possible to jump right into differential equations as a freshman.

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