Build your base carefully

A student’s performance in Algebra 1 sets the tone for the rest of their math career. This class is (usually) taken before geometry, causing many students to forget the core of Algebra by the time geometry is finished. This is  unfortunate, because a great portion of the SAT and ACT rely on skills developed in this course like working with linear functions and factoring.

Daniel Starling

When you analyze happiness, it turns out that the way you are spending your time is extremely important.

- Daniel Kahneman

A solid foundation

There will exist no healthy long term math success without a fundamentally solid base in Algebra.


Major introduction of calculator

Algebra 1 us the first class where use of the calculator is ubiquitous. Learn your calculator properly.


Return on investment

The SAT and ACT math sections pull heavily from the skills learned in Algebra. Invest well into Algebra and receive your return in Junior year.

Where to?


Three roles to play for your student


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