College Level Calculus Tutoring A FACT FINDING MISSION

Collegiate Calculus 1 courses very in scope and difficulty  from “calculus for business majors” to the intensive “Calculus 1100”. Calculus 2 classes actually vary very little, as do Calculus 3 / Multivariable Calculus classes. Whichever class you find yourself in, it’s going to be very important to make use of teaching assistants and office hours. Each teacher will find a way to make their own class difficult in a unique way, the best route to an excellent calculus grade is to stay knowledgeable about the specific question types the professor is fond of. This is best accomplished by attending class and completing the homework, then attending teaching assistant sessions, and then attending office hours. By doing each of these things regularly, the teaching staff will doubtlessly let you in on secrets. Everyone likes to think they had a hand in your success, and they will not be able to prevent themselves from leaking important tips to you if you show consistency in your relationship. 

When you analyze happiness, it turns out that the way you are spending your time is extremely important.

- Daniel Kahneman


Learn your professor's favorite question types

Some teachers are bananas over optimization, and others make a point to test every integration technique. Make it a goal of yours to mentally catalog common question types because they will resurface.


Find the right TA for you

The roles of teaching assistants in assignment completion is monumental. Unfortunately, not every student is a fan of their TA. Change TAs if necessary; it is likely the professor won't care.


The Magic of office hours

If your professor begins to recognize you as you continue to attend office hours, they will not be able to help themselves from sharing tips and hints about exams. Everyone likes to think they had a hand in the success of a student.

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