A Diverse Class

Many different types of students take AB Calculus. Very gifted math students whose school doesn’t offer BC calculus find themselves in this course along with students hoping to end their math career with this course by testing out of college level calculus with AP credit. For all of these students, to succeed, they must complete review AP work throughout the year so that no topics from the fall are forgotten by the time spring comes around.

Daniel Starling

When you analyze happiness, it turns out that the way you are spending your time is extremely important.

- Daniel Kahneman

The final math class for many

All of the math you've learned has led you up to this. You can get through this one last math class, and still have it count like you took it in college.


Regular review work is important

By the time you get a handle on derivatives, integrals are introduced. Many students have a hard time remembering the fall material during the springtime. Safeguard against these losses with regular AP work.


Calculator usage makes or breaks the AP score

Though this class will require you to learn how to do everything by hand, many questions do not require intense simplification if a calculator is available. Prioritize your time to improve your exam score. 

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