Two of these “extra” SATs are required for admission into many competitive colleges and some ivies require three of them. Each test is scored out of 800, and the subjects chosen should relate to the major of the student. For instance, if a student is applying for admission into an engineering program, they should consider submitting a Math II test and a science test (Physics, Chemistry, or Biology depending on the nature of the engineering). If the student is applying to major in Political Science, then perhaps submitting a Math I test and a Spanish test would be more prudent. Many students don’t know what they’d like to do. For those students, I recommend a Math I test and another test they feel comfortable with (that they’ve taken one or two years of in high school) in order to keep their options open.

Client Reviews

Daniel started working a year ago with my son to help him in his Math and Physics classes. My son was interested in Physics but he was struggled with math unexpectedly. He learned so much from Daniel, who kept learning interesting and challenged him. I saw my son's attitude toward studying change, all thanked to Daniel. After tutorials with Daniel, he is now in Calculus AP and college Physics classes. He kept up with his math review in the summer while engaged in his science research. He entered the senior year well prepared. We are very pleased with the results from Starling Tutoring, and looking forward to working with Daniel this academic year, too.