The losses in learning productivity due to classroom absence have been massive. Let’s get you back up to speed safely.

Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

- Peter Holcroft


I do not mean to downplay the severity of Covid-19. It has made 2020 challenging for everyone and caused many to suffer horrific loss. Despite the daunting nature of returning to school, science seems to agree that transmission rate is mitigated through the use of masks, gloves, and best practices. Skeptics cite previous student behavior in their argument for 100% remote learning. No matter the risk profile you adopt, student regression was off the scale this past spring and summer. To mitigate the very real risk of sub-par learning during the 2020 – 2021 school year, I propose that we adopt  sanitation procedures to accomplish safe in-person learning. Students face transmission risks in school far larger than a one-on-one tutorial with six feet of separation, masks and hand washing. Though the risks are greatly mitigated, I use a hold harmless agreement due to unknown legal repercussions. I ask for your understanding and acceptance of this mitigation strategy.


I use either an N95 or KN95 mask and ask that students wear at least a two layer cloth mask. Because there is not current evidence to suggest that a face shield is an appropriate substitute for the use of a mask, I do not employ the use of a face shield. At the beginning of each tutorial, I will ask for the use of a restroom in order to wash my hands, and ask that the student also wash their hands and consider disinfecting their phone. In the event of a sneeze or other obligate action, a disinfecting wipe may be employed. Any pens or pencils given to the student will be sanitized beforehand or come from the manufacturer’s container. At the conclusion of each tutorial, I ask that the student once again wash their hands and consider sanitizing any materials used during the course of instruction.

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