Daniel Starling tutoring a student for the SAT Test

SAT Tutoring and Test Preparation

The SAT. THE SAT. This iconic test is the greatest source of stress for many families. The SAT is said to be the most important pre-collegiate test. A ten point difference can mean acceptance or rejection by any institution, not to mention the sizable difference in financial aid packages.

I scored a 780 on my Math portion of the SATs, and I can help maximize your score. Fortunately, the Math sections of the SAT include question topics which can be learned and practiced. Unlike the verbal portions for which one is expected to learn a large quantity of vocabulary words, techniques can be learned for each type of question in the mathematics sections, improving the score by a larger degree than in the verbal sections.

Let us help your student prepare for the test and build the confidence they need to to achieve the best SAT score that they can.

The SAT is extremely competitive. Scoring in the 95th percentile in Math means you’ll receive a 720, which is a fantastic score! Despite this, many can see this only as 80 points away from an 800. To score an 800, you must get every question correct, placing you in the top 0.1% of students. No pressure.

The difference between a 720 and a 760 is two questions. It could be the difference between a $10,000 scholarship and a full ride. It could be the difference between being accepted or waitlisted. These are big numbers we’re playing with; the return on investment on SAT tutoring is a nauseating number when you consider the effect of student loans and interest.

Client Reviews

"I have known Daniel Starling for the past 10 years. He tutored me in math throughout high school and enabled me to increase my C/Ds to A+s in the following courses: Geometry, Algebra II, Precalculus, Calculus. Further I scored a 1680/2400 on the SATs prior to working with Dan. With his individualized tutoring I scored a 2160/2400, and was accepted to schools I wouldn’t have been accepted to otherwise. Dan’s services are essentially an investment with a high return. Many individuals are capable of achieving high SAT scores, but it takes a special teacher to draw out a student’s potential. What sets Daniel apart is that he has an innate ability to teach, identify his student’s weaknesses, and then create a unique action plan that produces immediate results. He produces outstanding results. The other students noticed it too, as they would often mention Princeton Review and Kaplan were at most half as effective as Dan.

Dan is a great motivator and is very personable to work with. He instills mental discipline, builds confidence and pushes every student he works with to reach for the stars. I liked that Dan was always well prepared for our sessions. When I felt like quitting Dan would often remind me I had too much potential to be a B student. For his intelligence, professionalism and sincere desire to help others succeed, I highly recommend Dan. If you have any further questions about his services or my experiences working with him do not hesitate to contact me at robert.kudart(at)" Service Category: Career Coach Year first hired: 2003 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert