The material is extremely similar to the information covered in AP Chemistry. This test should be taken only after your student completes that course. The good news is if your student completes AP Chemistry, they will be prepared to take this test. In fact, the test is so similar to the AP Chemistry test, taking this test is a no brainer, as almost no preparation is required for it (other than the preparation required for the AP test) The test does have some strange question types, however, that should be practiced before taking the test.

Client Reviews

"Amazing tutor!!” - Emily, Irvington, NY When my son met Daniel, he was considering dropping his math honors class since he had been struggling with some of the work, but shortly after Daniel started the sessions (maybe 4 or 5) my son regained his confidence and continued in his honors Algebra 2 & Trig. class achieving an A average!! My son is totally convinced that Daniel has made all the difference. Also, I'm very impressed with the way Daniel was able to recognize my son's weaknesses and help him overcome them. He is passionate about teaching and truly cares about his students. I am very pleased with his commitment and professionalism. Thank you Daniel for all your amazing help!!

Emily E.