Now that your student has made it through Algebra II, it's time to start gearing up for them to learn Calculus. Turns out, there is a year's worth of work that needs to be done before Calculus. It is now that your student must master the unit circle, conic sections, limits, inverse trigonometric functions, complex numbers, and alternate coordinate systems.

Whether Pre-Calculus is the last math course your student will ever take or they plan on a career in Mathematics, this course can be particularly challenging. I have four years of full-time tutoring experience, and I've been tutoring Pre-Calculus since 2005. Please consider me as a serious candidate to aid your student for this course.

Client Reviews

When my son met Daniel, he was considering dropping his math honors class since he had been struggling with some of the work, but shortly after Daniel started the tutoring sessions (maybe 4 or 5) my son regained his confidence and continued in his honors Algebra 2 & Trig. Class achieving an A average!! My son is totally convinced that Daniel has made all the difference. Also, I'm very impressed with the way Daniel was able to recognize my son's weaknesses and help him overcome them. He is passionate about tutoring and truly cares about his students. I am very pleased with his commitment and professionalism. Thank you Daniel for all your amazing help!!


Irvington, NY