Many students struggle with Geometry, even those students who have typically excelled in their math courses. This is caused by a number of problems. Firstly, students might not have confidence in their ability to accurately draw geometric figures accurately, or may draw them too small. Secondly, there is a large amount of vocabulary words in geometry which differentiates it from previous math courses. Finally, and perhaps most infamously, geometry requires students to do “proofs” where they need to use logical argument via the use of axioms, properties of equality, and theorems. Unlike their previous courses, students aren’t given a specific set of step by step directions to solve these problems. Each proof is unique and some can be quite challenging.

I can give your student the information they need in order to perform well in Geometry and show them why it is mathematically important to do so. I've been tutoring Geometry since I took it in 2002, and I have four years of full-time tutoring experience since 2013. Please consider me as a serious candidate to aid your student for this course.

Client Reviews

Daniel tutored me a few years ago when I was taking Physics at RPI. He was really great at helping me understand the material and was patient in explaining things. He was very professional and always came prepared and focused. I highly recommend him and have no question about his ability to teach new material and to motivate students to learn!