Algebra II

Algebra II

Algebra II can be a very tricky subject for students. Although it begins with the natural marriage between Algebra I and Geometry, students can have difficulty transitioning from Geometry to Algebra II because they haven't thoroughly used their Algebra I skills for over a year. Furthermore, Algebra II introduces topics far more complex than those discussed in Algebra I or Geometry. Topics such as graphing rational, polynomial, and trigonometric functions include as many as ten steps in their most thorough forms, as compared to the three, maybe four step processes present in previous math courses.

Some Algebra II courses also include a topic called conic sections, which is particularly elaborate. Bottom line, Algebra II is the math class that will either make --- or break --- your student. It can propel them to more advanced classes or discourage them from taking math entirely. I have tutored Algebra II since the year after I took it in high school, and I've been tutoring full time for four years. Not only am I well versed in Algebra II curriculum, I've created step-by-step processes for each of these topics. Please consider me as a serious candidate to aid your student for this course.


Trigonometry is the mathematical study of the relations of angles to side lengths. Trigonometry commonly is taught with Algebra II, which is a subject many high school students find difficult already. It also arises on the New York Regents Exams. I've been teaching Trigonometry privately since 2005 and I find it easiest to comprehend when it is broken down into a few different sections. Please consider me as a strong candidate for tutoring this subject.

Client Reviews

In my son's own words, Daniel was "highly effective." My son needed help with Algebra 2/trigonometry. He was doing poorly and in danger of failing. Daniel started working with him about two months before the Regents. Daniel was very patient and explicit with his explanations. He was also punctual and used time constructively during all sessions. Thanks to his help my son did well on the regents (guidance counselor said he scored one of the highest grades in the cohort). He passed his class and got credit towards an advanced regents diploma. I was very pleased with the results and would not hesitate to hire Daniel again to help my children.


New Rochelle, NY