Because we live in a litigious society, I employ the use of a contract. Though The Three Party Agreement outlined the relationship between the parent, student, and tutor, the contract more specifically represents each party’s role. Instead of combing through legalese right away, please review a summary of these policies on the Policies and Legal page before we continue.

The fastest way to do something is the right way, the first time.


Some parts of this site are still under construction, and for the moment, we should continue by talking over the phone at 609.238.5458 or via email at daniel@starlingtutoring.com. Thanks for your patience while I develop this portion of my site further.

Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

- Peter Holcroft

Safe in-person tutoring

To efficiently convert motivation into real progress, you need a guide there, really there, for you. Remote learning is a poor fit for most students. Despite the numerous tools available on the internet, no Youtube video commits to being a presence in your life, acting dutifully in your best interest each week. You don’t just need help, you need real partnership.

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