ACT MATH Tutoring Available At Your Home

Daniel Starling will come to your location for math tutoring

The ACT math section is a broad-ranging examination and includes topics from Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II/Trigonometry, and a small bit of Pre-Calculus. Though answering sixty questions in sixty minutes sounds like a daunting task, time can be managed more effectively on the ACT because of the test's ability to be manipulated, or "hacked."

All diagrams on the ACT are drawn to scale, a calculator is allowed throughout the entire section, and all questions are multiple choice. For many of the questions it is possible (and even more efficient) to get the question correct using a particular technique rather than doing the problem in a pure mathematical way. I have extensive experience in teaching both the strategy of this section and the pure math for those students who are looking to score exceptionally.

Each student is given a binder which will archive all of the exams taken and catalog the errors they've made with specific notes about the topic like "direct variation" or "circle geometry" instead of broad generalizations made by many other tutoring companies. Lessons are given on the topics with which they struggle most and additional assignments are provided to ensure they retain and can use the information they've been given. Their progress can be tracked over time, and their score progression can be a very rewarding sign of their progress!

Client Reviews

"Daniel tutored my eldest son for his SAT Math section as well as in Calculus and Physics. My son scored a 780 on his SAT Math section after working with Daniel, enabling him to attend the college of his choosing. Now, Daniel is tutoring my middle child on the ACT, and we are very happy with the preliminary results and look forward to broadened horizons as a result of our investment in his tutorials. We HIGHLY recommend Daniel's services."

Susan P.

Greenwich, CT