Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra might sound easy ("Linear, that's like lines, right? I know those!"..."Algebra, I know Algebra inside and out!") but combine the words in that specific order and you've got something very different: a course that requires you to forfeit a chunk of your previous math knowledge and start again. If you're taking Linear Algebra, you've probably already worked with vectors and matrices. As it turns out, up to this point, we've been kind of taking our ability to work with these constructs for granted. All of the foundations need to be mathematically built from the ground up in an n-dimensional space.

The benefit of this is that after you learn Linear Algebra, you'll now have a powerful tool on your belt that will allow you to work with any arbitrary n-dimensional space. Doing 3-D rendering? Choose a three-dimensional space. Animating? Four-dimensional space. Analyzing the costs of doing business and the profit margins of a company you randomly got an internship for? Choose a dimensional space equal to the number of variables you have. It's powerful stuff. But it's not easy.

There is an immense amount of vocabulary needed to tackle this course, and some versions of this course are very proof heavy. I've been tutoring Linear Algebra since I took it in 2008 and I have four years' experience as a full-time tutor. Please consider me a strong candidate to help you with this course.

Client Reviews

"Amazing tutor!!” - Emily, Irvington, NY When my son met Daniel, he was considering dropping his math honors class since he had been struggling with some of the work, but shortly after Daniel started the sessions (maybe 4 or 5) my son regained his confidence and continued in his honors Algebra 2 & Trig. class achieving an A average!! My son is totally convinced that Daniel has made all the difference. Also, I'm very impressed with the way Daniel was able to recognize my son's weaknesses and help him overcome them. He is passionate about teaching and truly cares about his students. I am very pleased with his commitment and professionalism. Thank you Daniel for all your amazing help!!

Emily E.

Irvington, NY