Differential Equations

Differential Equations

I took Differential Equations in college, as well as partial differential equations, and how to model differential equations in C. This is usually the most advanced math course taken by most engineering students. Differential equations (or affectionately "Diff-E-Q") aren't so much unlike normal calculus problems in which one solves for an unknown, except that the unknowns in this case are other functions entirely. Instead of having just the variable in the equation, you have the function and derivatives of that function. In other words, it is the pinnacle of Calculus, its final destination (for most students). Unlike most other math disciplines, DiffEq can have more than one answer. This it a really profound conclusion, as it finally provides a "gray area" of math, with each solution given a different amount of credence. It is a worthy subject indeed.

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- Margaret, Armonk, NY My grandson has been working with Daniel for about 12 months now and has learned so much! Daniel has a wealth of knowledge about the subject and an incredible gift for explaining the material clearly and concisely. My grandson's school situation is rather unique, and Daniel has enthusiastically and patiently helped him become a confident and capable learner in a rather challenging chemistry course. Daniel is always willing to work his schedule to find a time that works for us, and is always willing to text about 'last minute questions' whenever he is not with another student. You couldn't ask for a better tutor!”

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