Common Core Math

Common Core Math

Politics aside, Common Core is now the accepted curriculum in the State of New York. The transition has involved significant changes to high school Algebra I, Algebra II & Trigonometry, and Geometry courses. Algebra I students are expected to be able to explain facets of their equations like the slope and y-intercept of a line in the context of a problem. Algebra II / Trigonometry students face major changes including a more rigorous introduction to statistics including discussions about sample means, which many students find especially confusing. Geometry students face more elaborate word questions and vocabulary. I have experience teaching many students over several years in both the previous New York Regents curriculum and the new Common Core standards and I can help explain topics that are not always well understood (be it by the teacher or the student).

Client Reviews

Outstanding Tutor!!-Daniel Starling

Daniel has been tutoring my son for nearly one year now, and the results have been transformative! My son had an apathetic attitude towards his studies before he began tutorials with Daniel, but afterwards, he became excited about his performance, earning A's in nearly all of his classes by the end of the school year. We are very happy with our son's success and look forward to continuing to work with Daniel.

Janet B.

Greenwich, CT