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  1. Have a high school student in Westchester County, NY or Greenwich, CT who needs help preparing for the ACT, SAT or ISEE?
  2. Want to see an immediate, positive impact on your student’s grades?
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Starling Tutoring is a test preparation service that does tutoring differently than most other corporate tutoring companies. Using a data-driven, fine-tuned approach, owner/operator Daniel Starling works to help your student improve their abilities at a pace tailored uniquely to them.

Exceptional test preparation

The ACT is becoming the test of choice for an increasing number of school districts due to its more straightforward, reliable results. But whether your student will be taking the ACT, SAT or ISEE, you’ll need to make sure they’re properly equipped to succeed.

After all, the difference between an average score and a high one can mean the difference between admission or denial at the best schools – and determine whether your student is eligible for scholarships!

Let Daniel Starling of Starling Tutoring put your Westchester County or Greenwich Schools high school student in a winning position with effective test preparation. Daniel tutors both private and public school students.

Immediate grade improvement

If you’re hoping to improve your student’s grades immediately and boost their high school GPA, you’ve come to the right place.

With Daniel Starling of Starling Tutoring, your student will see immediate scholastic improvement in their courses. Daniel Starling provides instruction in science and math at every level, including:

Are you ready to give your student the chance to reach their greatest potential? Contact Starling Tutoring at 609-238-5458 to explore your options for tutoring and test preparation!

College Scholarships

The costs of college have never been greater, and they are expected to continue growing. Further, admittance into the best colleges is more competitive today than at any point in the past century. Investing in your student's education now might net them a handsome scholarship, and a more flexible future. If student loans will be necessary to pay for college, your student (and quite possibly, the cosigner) are especially vulnerable post-graduation.

STEM: Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

STEM fields have been touted as the future of America, and for good reason. Advancements in science and engineering are not predictable, but do bring about radical change as they develop. I have a degree in Physics and Applied Mathematics from RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), and I have five years of experience as a full-time tutor. I can provide your student help in developing their scientific and mathematical mind as well as navigate them through the content and strategies needed to excel on their standardized tests. With this structural foundation and empirical record of success, your student is more likely to stand out from the crowd and get into the college of their choice. Four years of high school is going to seem like an eternity to your student, but not when compared with forty years of student loan payments.

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